Some of the most commonplace diamond shakedowns in the jewelry business

13 Mar 2016 
When it pertains to diamonds, you'll find various cons to be wary of. Most scams are small, but there are some significant types that arise from time. Scams occur because of the fact many people who purchase diamonds do not know very much about diamonds. Consequently, they are quite easily taken advantage of.

Jewelry stores often present their diamonds in bright presentations that make the diamonds glimmer. You should appeal to observe the diamond in a distinctive, darker type of lighting. Jewelry also stores sometimes run lighting scams to present diamonds as having rare colors, for example blue-white diamonds. These seem very distinct and highly sought after, but essentially, they are typically of lesser quality.

Another scenario is to bloat the carat weight of a diamond by loading it in a ring. They will sell the primary diamond as the overall carat weight of all stones in the ring. See to it that you know the carat weight of the principal stone, before it goes into the ring. Also beware of fractions. Jewelry dealers buying overgraded diamonds are authorized to round away diamond weights.

Yet another recurrent deceit is to transfer the diamond you might have shelled out money for with a lesser quality one. The only way to stay clear of this is to only do business with a reputable jeweler. Avoid jewelers that you have not realized business with previously.

There are many other more scams that jewelry stores can try on unsuspecting customers. Aim to use your best prudence, and shop for your diamonds with utmost caution.

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